Forest Spa Boutique

Welcome to our beautiful spa boutique, which is nestled in the heart of Palo Alto. We are an intimate spa boutique that has relaxation and rejuvenation high on our list of services. Our spa store features a full variety of Pevonia Botanica skin care products. If you are looking for the ultimate escape from your daily busy life, Forest Spa Boutique can provide you a comfortable and luxurious experience.

About Our Services

A team of highly trained estheticians performs an in-depth skin analysis and then specifically selects face and body products that will properly address your skin's needs. An extensive selection of anti-aging facials, peeling facials, customized signature facials, anti-aging body treatments, addresses your every day needs and delivers an unsurpassed spa experience. All our estheticians hold a California Esthetician License and have followed a European facial training.

For our facial and body hair removal services we work with the gentlest Italian wax depilatory available. Our estheticians are extensively trained in brazilian waxing. A silky after-wax application will calm and hydrate your skin. Biological vials that slow down the hair growth can be added after your waxing for a longer lasting result.

Massage is a healing art that has been around since ancient Egyptian times. Massage therapy offers many health benefits; it increases the blood and lymph flow, stimulates the nervous system and relieves muscle tension. Not only does massage feel good, it enhances your overall health. Essential oils, diluted in an organic massage oil, are extremely beneficial to the spirit and heal your body. We offer a wide selection of massage oils that are non-sticky, nourish your skin, are suitable for the oily skin, contain vitamins and minerals, and blend well with the essential oil of your choice. We selected the best products for your body and face.

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To make an appointment you can use our new online bookingsystem or you can call us at (408) 759-0576.

Spring is the season of rejuvenation

It is official!! Spring is finally here. Gone are those dry and cold winter days. With spring in the air, your skin is ready for the season of rejuvenation. This doesn’t mean you can let go of all your winter habits and stop taking your vitamin C. Multiple studies have found that vitamin C will help boost your collagen but also repairs sun damaged skin. Please keep drinking your freshly squeezed orange juice to help your skin rejuvenate during the Spring season. Let’s start with a few skin care tips that will help your skin transfer to warmer season followed by our Monthly Specials!

Tip 1: Switch out your cleanser and moisturizer

Time to switch out your cleanser and moisturizer. During the colder winter months, your skin was in need of those heavier moisturizers but when the days grow warmer these same products leave too much build up on your skin. Choose a lighter formula for your cleanser and moisturizer. Don’t know what to choose? Come in and talk to one of our excellent estheticians.

Tip 2: Exfoliate

One of the first steps to glowing skin starts with exfoliating away the lingering layer of winter. The best way to exfoliate skin from top to toe is to run the shower for a few minutes over your body. Let your skin absorb the water, then turn off your shower and gently exfoliate your body and face. Use a salt scrub base for your body and an enzyme or gentle exfoliation cleanser for your face. Then make sure to rinse off every little grain by using a gentle washcloth by starting on your face. We don’t want you to transfer any larger sea salt exfoliation beats to your face. Always use a toner and light moisturizer after your exfoliation.

Tip 3: Apply and re-apply your SPF

Sunscreen isn’t just for those hot summer days. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy overcast days, to protect your skin from sun damage. We have many different SPFs available at our boutique. Please come and try them out. We are sure you’ll fall in love with Coola and Colorescience just like we did. Did you know that most flexible spending accounts cover our SPFs?

Tip 4: Hydrate yourself

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Water is at the root of every skin care routine. This is because it really does wonders to your skin! Your organs need hydration to function, and your skin is your body’s largest organ. 5 to 6 glasses of water a day will help you detoxify your skin daily and hydrate your body. Many of our clients mention that by increasing their water intake, their skin got a more radiant glow!

Vitamin C Spring special

Our Vitamin C facial is designed to reverse the natural signs of aging. Rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin C, our facial will leave your skin looking radiant as if you turn back the hands of time! We diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of our beautiful scented organic customized fruit peels. This month we will combine our Vitamin C facial with our collagen neck and eye treatment to minimize the signs of aging for a smoother, firmer, more youthful looking appearance. Now $185 (normally $214) 75 min.

Try Out our Cupping Therapy For Cellulite …. be beach ready!

We’ve done multiple trials and we were happily surprised with the results!! The cellulite on our model was most visible along the posterior gluteal fold. We performed 6 cupping treatments equally spread over a time frame of 6 weeks with our medium sized cups. Our model followed a healthy diet with plenty of fresh veggies, fruits, water, and exercise. Her results showed noticeably smoother skin and increased flexibility of the hamstring. Get yourself ready for the summer season with our new anti-cellulite package!

Pre-paid package now $480 (normally $540).

  • A prepaid package contains 6 cupping services of 30 minutes each.
  • For optimal results services are spaced no more than 1 week apart. We strongly recommend a healthy diet and exercise.