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beauty and makeup tips

Keep your skin healthy with every makeup application

A beautiful makeup application and keeping your skin healthy all depends on what you type of makeup products you choose and how you store them at home. Keeping your makeup bag tidy and your brushes clean is important to the health of your skin. You move your brushes from your makeup bag, into your beauty products, and then onto your face. Sometimes you might even let them sit for a day on your vanity before putting them away, so no wonder they come contact with bacteria. To prevent bacterial breakouts make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week with a gentle foamy cleanser and let them dry in between a clean hand towel. Above all always use a brush cleaner after each use.

Double cleanse to remove heavy makeup

To fully remove your makeup always double cleanse your skin. When your job requires you to wear a full makeup coverage or after a night into town we advise you to do your first cleanse with the Purity Solution from Cosmedix. Purity Solution is suitable for all skin types even for the oily/acneic skin. This cleanser contains a blend of olive, moringa, sesame and argan oils that gently dissolve your makeup and sunscreen. For your second cleanse we recommend any cleanser from Pevonia Botanica or Cosmedix that fits your skin type. Always follow up with a toner and moisturizer. After a heavy makeup application, incorporate a quick exfoliation during your cleansing routine. We promise you your skin will smile at you in the morning!

Things you need to know about your mascara

The average lifespan of your mascara is 3-5 months. Don’t let your mascara sit overnight, it can cause your lashes to fall off, also a stiff lash can actually scratch your cornea while you’re sleeping. Before bed, moisturize your lashes. Waterproof mascara is ideal for summer but the removal process causes them to become weaker and eventually make them fall out. Just don't use waterproof mascara on a daily base. Curling strains the hair follicles and causes them to fall out. Curling involves bending the lashes in a way which usually causes breakage. Curling your lashes is fun just don’t do it daily.