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Makeup has become one of the biggest beauty trends in the world! There is a huge demand for cosmetics that makes your skin look flawless. Unfortunately, the results aren’t always easy to achieve and too often the caked-on foundations come with a price for your skin. Keeping your skin healthy and break-out free is our number one priority during your makeup application. For this reason, we work with Colorescience a mineral makeup brand that is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and offers broad spectrum SPF 20, 30 and 50. Their foundations come in three finishes liquid, loose or pressed, and provide sheer to full coverage for all skin tones. Pulling off your daily “natural” look can become faster and simpler if you use a single product that packs a sunscreen, and a foundation. We also motivate you to enjoy your natural lashes that are enhanced by a mascara that uses a peptide blend to nourish and condition. Lash by lash, our mascara enhances the appearance of length and density. More lash volume can be created with our “Luscious Lashes”. These individual lashes are great for an evening into town.

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Tween Makeup Application

Bringing in a little one under 12? No problem! Let her join in on the fun - we promise not to make her up too much, but she will get the royal treatment! Includes blush, minimal eye shadow, and lip gloss. $30, 15 min.

Teens Makeup Application

A trendy or natural makeup look applied by our make-up artist in 30 minutes, specially customized for ages 13 to 16. $60, 30 min.

Natural Makeup Application

A makeup for every day, applied by our make-up artist. $75, 45 min.

Brow make over

Natural or glamorously arched by our esthetician and filled in by our makeup artist. Get a full tutorial with our talented brow experts. $49, 30 min.

Luscious Lashes

We can give your eyes a dramatic change with luscious lashes. These individual lashes are great for an evening into town. Please keep in mind that these lashes have to be removed before going to bed. You will be provided during departure with a lash glue dissolver. $35, 15 min.

Private makeup class

Learn from a professional makeup artist! You will be hands-on yourself together with our makeup artist. Bring your own makeup if you like. We will teach you blending technique’s, how to apply your foundation, contour your face, apply a basic eye makeup and fill in your brows best. $125, 60 min.

Sweet 16, Quinceañeras or Bachelorette makeup party

Start off your celebration with a private makeup event. A fun and educational makeup event where your party guests will enjoy a stylish hands-on makeup class at Forest Spa Boutique. We will teach your guests the importance of skin care, how to prep the skin before a makeup application, blending and contour technique’s, how to apply a natural eye makeup and fill in their brows. We will serve a variety of teas, champaign, sparkling apple cider, delicious macaroons from Chantal Guillon - Palo Alto and luxury chocolates from Timothy Adams Chocolates - Palo Alto. Minimum of 4 guests with a maximum of 8 guests. $150 p.p.p, 120 min.

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