Forest Spa Boutique

Forest Spa Boutique proudly shares its reviews!

This is a great boutique spa in downtown Palo Alto: clean, cozy, and very friendly. Bianca and her colleagues are highly-trained professionals, who put you at ease no matter what the procedure is (Brazilian waxing is one of the best).

It took me a long time to find a comfortable and trustworthy spa in the area and now I am a loyal customer.
Victoria B., Mountain View, CA 10/26/2013

Everything in this spa puts you at ease. The people - lovely. The mood - chic but not overdone. And the services - top notch. It is on the pricey side, but so worth it.

I'm not your average spa goer, but nevertheless I never felt uncomfortable during my visit at Forest. Since the birth of my son, nine months ago, I wasn't always able to find the time to take care of myself properly, so when I did, I wanted the real thing. I wanted to feel pampered, and that's precisely how I felt.

Having moved recently to the area, it is great to have already found such a place.
Marta P., Palo Alto, CA 10/12/2013

I am a long time customer at Forest Spa. First I found it via yelp: on their previous location on Forest ave, they were highly rated but unfortunately Yelp deleted all those reviews when they moved to a new location on Ramona st.

I do Brazilian wax with Bianca and it's perfect. I am happy about the service.
Maria G., Menlo Park, CA 9/22/2013

Wonderful spa in Palo Alto! The Forest Spa is the friendliest spa I've ever been to. Bianca, the owner, and Farzeena at the reception are so welcoming that each appointment feels like you are visiting good friends highly skilled at spa treatments.

Bianca is amazing and the treatments I've tried over the years have all been wonderful, I highly recommend them. The facials and massages are so relaxing that you won't want to leave. The Pevonia products she uses are very pleasant too, I've even switched from my favorite Yon-Ka to Pevonia at home.

The spa just moved to a new location right next to Coupa Cafe on Ramona (old location was on Forest, hence the name). The new space is beautiful and relaxing.
Alix F., Redwood City, CA 8/27/2013

I have to write an update about Forest Spa Boutique's new location. It is so incredibly well designed and decorated. They really have become a high end spa but without the high end attitude :). They are so down to earth and are great in giving personal attention. Seriously I've never been rushed out of the door. The front desk is always in for a chat with coffee, tea and chocolates. I see Bianca regularly for my brazilian waxing and facials. Her brazilian waxing is phenomenally fast, and I've never seen an esthetician that is so thorough as she is. I also love the Italian wax that she uses for the most delicate parts of my body. She's been doing my brazilian waxing since 2010 and I never experienced any irritation after my wax. If you are looking for an esthetician that has a whole lot of experience with brazilian waxing, please don't even bother to do the research. Forest Spa Boutique is definitely the place to go in the bay area. If you're not interested in waxing than try out one of the facials this place has to offer. I usually get the hydrating facial but during my last visit we changed it for an anti-aging facial with blueberry peel. Since I never had a peel done before I had no idea what to expect. The peel itself tingled on the skin and was a bit discomfortable but the result was absolutely amazing. My skin looked great for days! Recently I started using their organic skin care line Pevonia. I still don't understand that it took me that long to purchase Pevonia products. They're acceptable in price and the result is truly amazing. If you tend to have a dry skin like I me try out their vitaminic concentrate. Just a few drops under my moisturizer is enough to keep my skin nicely hydrated throughout the day. I was finally able to convince my husband to see Bianca for a gentleman's vitamin C facial with brow wax. His skin looked great after and he's maintaining it with some home care products. On his way out he booked an appointment for his back and shoulder wax and deep tissue massage.

Bianca keep up the amazing things you do and we'll never leave your business.
Nicky D., San Jose, CA 8/25/13

Bianca is amazing! She made my very first visit for a bikini wax extremely easy... I had no idea what to expect and she walked me through it n explained different options. She has done an amazing job of explaining before and aftercare to make each experience as painless as possible. I will always be a loyal client. I would also like to note that all their staff are extremely friendly and make sure you are comfortable with a drink and some chocolate while you wait for your appointment. Thank you Forrest Day Spa keep up the great work!
Alex B., San Jose, CA 8/21/2013

Forest Spa Boutique is an absolute gem! It looks gorgeous, the warm wood, beautiful floor and crystal chandeliers just set the perfect tone for a relaxing treatment. I got a signature massage and caviar facial from Bianca. I've visited many different spas throughout Europe, got various different facials and Bianca is definitely trained in Europe. I recognized her style and attention for detail during the facial. After the service Bianca chatted for a little while, while we enjoyed pellegrino and chocolates. it was great they made the experience so personal. I highly recommend Forest Spa Boutique. In my opinion its absolutely the best quality in the Bay Area.
Amy G., San Jose, CA 8/19/2013

Michele, you did a great and fast waxing job. 20 minutes for a back and shoulder wax without any stray hair left behind is pretty impressive in my book. After Michele I saw Bianca for great deep tissue massage. She surely knows how to find my knots. If you're looking for a good quality service, don't look any further.
Kevin P., Sunnyvale, CA 8/19/2013

I discovered Forest Spa Boutique almost 3 years ago and i have never been disappointed with services I have received. I originally came to Bianca for waxing only, but when I came in for my first visit she told me that that I had sensitive skin which helped me change my products and really improved my skin. She has tons of experience if you want a consultation when you visit and her facials are great leaving you relaxed and refreshed. The blueberry peel is gentle enough for me and works wonders. The prices are fair for the quality of both the products and services. I have also had great service from Jenny and Michelle who also provide services at the Boutique as well so you can't go wrong with any of these ladies. If you are in the market for a new full service spa then I highly recommend giving them a call.
Eva M., Redwood City, CA 8/17/2013

The best of the best and I would highly recommend to try this place out! I've been going to Bianca for over a year now and I just can't get enough. I've gone for waxes, facials and massages and she never disappoints. She always has a smile on her face and it is very clear that she has a passion for what she does. Even with her busy schedule she tries to accomodate you whenever she can to fit your schedule. Not to mention Farzeena, her assistant, is such a friendly face to have greet you as you walk in, it immediately puts you in a good mood no matter what your day has been like. Probably the friendliest most personable spa I've ever been to and I've been to quite a few. I haven't had a treatment from Jenny, who joined the spa more recently, but I don't doubt she is great too. I've used groupons and gift certificates without a problem here, even buy them for my friends, they make great gifts.

The waxes are as painless as they get and not to mention quick, so you can get in and out of there no problem, even on a lunch break. With facials, Bianca really takes the time to examine your skin and give you the best possible facial for your skin type. And it's great because I don't have to worry about your face looking like a battle zone, all red and irritated, when you're done. I leave with glowing skin everytime and the shoulder massage she works in is a fabulous bonus. Of course that's just a sneak peek at what a full massage is like. No matter what treatment I get, I leave feeling refreshed and with a smile on my face.

As long as I live in this area I won't be going anywhere else.
Jenna T., Mountain View, CA 8/17/2013

I simply can't say enough positive things about Forest Spa Boutique. The welcoming ambiance of the lobby and the beautiful and convenient setting of the new spa located right in the center of Downtown Palo Alto.

Bianca and her staff are very professional, friendly and very passionate about their job and it shows. I look forward to my appointments. I always show up early so I can chat with Farzeena the receptionist who serves me latte and chocolate. She make me feel right at home.

I have been going to Bianca for the past 5 years. I see her twice a month for facial and massage. These two hours I spend at her spa is my FAVORITE TIME. I get to enjoy a good nap while she gives me the best facial and the most relaxing massage. Afterward I feel so refreshed and my whole body feels rejuvenated.

I highly recommend Forest Spa Boutique to all of my clients and my friends. This is the place to experience a true relaxing time with great service And BIG SMILES!
Farzana F., Los Altos, CA 8/17/2013

I have been seeing Bianca for a bit now, getting waxes every 4-5 weeks. She's been great since the beginning - she made sure that I felt welcome and comfortable. And her new space is gorgeous - a larger seating area, giving you this nice, open, fresh feeling - very bright and welcoming.

The two receptionists that I've met so far are incredibly sweet! When I went this past Wednesday to see Bianca, the receptionist was kind enough to keep my fiance occupied until I was done with my appointment. They offer you a beverage and chocolate when you walk in, and I hear that Farzeena, at least, makes a mean cup of coffee, which I will have to take them up on at some point!

Bianca has provided a clean, relaxing environment where you get great service. She's earned me as a customer until I leave the area! At my first appointment, she explained the process and did her best to make me feel comfortable. As far as the waxing itself, she does her best to make it as painless as possible. Of course, there are those couple of spots where it hurts quite a bit more, but it's over quickly, and she lets you know that it's coming. She did educate me, though - reviews for other providers stated that they were told to take an ibuprofen before the appointment to minimize the pain. Apparently, that can cause bruising, which I did not know. So Bianca still provided the service (and avoided causing bruises - she has a gentle hand when it calls for it), but educated me about what I cannot take beforehand, which is essentially any sort of OTC pain killer. So I didn't do that before my next appointment!

She does remember details about her customers. She remembers my bad back and gives me time to move around, and she provides pillows when I need them. And she knew that I was getting married (particularly before my last appointment, because this is my last one as a single lady!), so she was extra-careful during my session last week. She was giving some advice to me to try to keep in mind during my big day so that I hopefully remain calmer. Best of all, she gave me (and my fiance) a big hug before we left the boutique, wishing us happiness and smooth sailing for the big day.

Everyone that I have met at Forest Spa Boutique have been pleasant, sweet, caring people. They all just seem to be happy all of the time, and as a high-strung person, this helps me to relax. :)

Bianca is a busy lady as of late, but she's definitely earned every last bit of her business. I won't see anyone else until I follow my soon-to-be husband wherever he ends up after grad school.
Erin W., Menlo Park, CA 8/17/2013

I've only visited once, but my entire experience with Forest Spa Boutique was so positive that I plan to be a repeat customer very soon!

I started by emailing for an eyebrow-tweezing appointment (no wax on Retin-A users like me). I received a very quick, very friendly response, and there was even a slot open the same day!

When I walked in, Farzeena was very welcoming, offering me a beverage and chocolates. I'm terrible at small talk, but she was super nice and very easy to talk to!

Before very long, Michele came from the back to greet me and we began the appointment. We discussed what I wanted done, and she got to work. She was meticulous about my eyebrows (coming in from all angles, different kinds of light...I really appreciated her attention to detail!), but we had a great conversation the whole time, and she even gave me some great skincare tips!

But most importantly, the results! When she was done, my eyebrows looked fantastic. I am always paranoid about entrusting my brows to strangers, but Michele totally has my trust from here on out. My eyebrows have never been symmetrical (and never will be -- they just grow differently) but after a session with Michele they are the closest they have ever come to being mirror images. She made sure my brow shape worked with my face, and it really does. I love love love them and I will most definitely be back!

During our session, Michele said she would give me some free samples of skincare products she uses. Afterwards, the samples slipped my mind and I left without asking about them. I remembered on the way home, of course, but no big deal.

The next morning, I got an email from Forest Spa Boutique saying that Michele had forgotten to give me the free samples we discussed, and they would be waiting at the front desk if I wanted to stop by to pick them up. When I came in, there was a little box with three different products (and generous portions of each!), and Farzeena explained what each were and how to use them. So helpful and so delightful!
Elizabeth H., Sunnyvale, CA 8/16/2013

I love this place! I had a Brazilian waxing here 3 weeks ago and I'm still hairless and happy. Once I walked in the doors I was greeted by a polite receptionist who made me a delicious caramel latte and a few minutes later I was escorted to the large room in the back. The room was clean and well appointed, I undressed from the waist down and laid down on the table with a towel covering myself until Michele returned. She asked me questions about the last time I waxed (5 years ago), if I took any painkillers beforehand (it makes you bleed more easily if you take certain ones like ibuprofen), and then she talked me through the procedure. She wasn't hurried and never rushed me. She told me how to care for my skin after she was done. She told me she would have to remove the towel and look at the area which was a relaxing way to put it. I knew she had to remove the towel to wax me but instead of just whipping it off, she was very polite. The waxing itself was more painless than I expected, after she waxed an area she placed a cool towel over the area to help soothe the skin. Michele even waxed my "fuzzy" cheeks and my "happy trail" free of charge! Lastly, she tweezed any stray hairs that were too stubborn to come out with the wax. Before I left she reminded me one more time of how to care for my skin to prevent any ingrown hairs and I'm so happy with the results!! Definitely going back!

I felt so pampered and taken care of here!
Lauren S., San Jose, CA 6/9/2013

Jenny is the gunk queen and I am the knotty princess. Both these terms are copyright now! :-)

We laugh, we joke, we talk all kinds of philosophical stuff all while Jenny's digging the last bits of congestion from my face. I had been scarred way too many times to have a facial done for 4 years, until l bought a Groupon for a caviar facial at Forest Spa Boutique. Even that sat in my inbox until 15 days to expiration date.

I was skeptical going in and told Jenny so. I narrated all my horror stories and she listened in disbelief. Then she said, "Well, you're with a professional now. I know what I'm doing." I had heard that before. But Jenny proved it.

She studied my skin and understood what it needed. I didn't just walk out blotch-free, I walked out with a confident sunny glow! I've been back thrice since and won't go anywhere else or to any one else for a facial.

As soft as her touch is on the face, Jenny's also a powerful, effective masseuse, melting my knots in no time. We try not to talk when she is massaging my neck and back, but it's hard ... she's just so much fun to be with.

A kind-hearted, thorough professional who's awesome enough to hang out with for a drink -- what more could one ask for?

P.S. Farzeena's great, too! Always ready to greet you with a genuine smile. Love the vibe in that place!
Mansi B., Los Altos, CA 5/21/2013

I am due to write a fabulous review. I had seen Jenny for a couple of services. A W E S O M E!!! I am very happy with the products she recommended and yes, this is a lovely hidden gem. I will be back again!! If you want a great facial experience, go here.. you will not regret it.
Johannah V., Hayward, CA 4/16/2013

I absolutely loved this place. I went here for the first time last week after going to another waxing place for over a year. Jenny was amazing and I have found my new waxing place. When I first got there Dovile was great and offered me tea or coffee while I was waiting. We talked the entire time and I automatically felt comfortable there. When it was time for me to get waxed I was little nervous because they use strip wax which I haven't had used on me in yrs, but the strip wax was fine and Jenny somehow made it less painful than it's ever been. She was super nice and did a great job. I didn't have to tweeze anything when I got home!!

I highly recommend this place. I can't wait to go back next month!
Erika E., San Diego, CA 4/15/2013

This place is awesome! I have had bikini waxes from Bianca but have mostly seen Jenny for the 8 months or so I have been coming to this place. There is such a calming, friendly atmosphere and I always leave the appointment smiling (unusual after a bikini wax!) It is small but very professional and they take great personal care of you. Make sure you book early as Jenny gets very booked up but they are always very accommodating if you have to switch appointment times.
Natalie D., Palo Alto, CA 4/14/2013

It truly means a lot for first timers to be in good hands! As a first timer myself, I was taken really good care of by Jenny! She has been working with Bianca for quite a long time, very experienced! I sincerely appreciate her treatment cause she was not only being flawlessly professional on waxing, but also practicing with patience and a caring heart! She shared my fear, nervousness, and even my pain. And finally Jenny and Farzeena rewarded me with tea and chocolate!! I am coming back in 5 weeks!!
p.s, met Bianca shortly, everyone is so friendly!!! you just don't really want to leave this cozy lovely place!!!!! Thank you y'all for taking really good care of me!!!!!!
Yann M., Stanford, CA 3/8/2013

Bianca and her receptionist are two of the most friendly and wonderful people I have ever met. I called and was able to make an appointment for the same day, and both of them were incredibly accommodating.

I got a Brazilian wax, and as far as Brazilian waxes go, it was a very pleasant experience. Bianca really knows what she is doing; she is quick and makes it as painless as possible. This is by far the best spa in the Bay Area that I have been to for waxing (I'm sure they are absolutely fabulous for facials and their other services too), and I could not recommend it any higher. Absolutely go here!!!!!
Stephanie G., Villa Park, CA 3/7/2013

Finding Bianca was a stroke of luck! I am very picky about having my face worked on as I break out easily. Bianca's approach is delicate and skilled. She takes the time to look at your skin to really see what is going on. Not only do I feel well taken care of while in her care, when I leave my skin looks great. I am not blotchy and I don't break out days later. In addition, because she is so knowledgeable about skin, she suggested I alter a few things at home which have helped a lot. It is clear that she loves what she does as she goes above and beyond to help her clients. To top it off, everyone in the office is warm and friendly which is not always the case at some spas. I ADORE THIS PLACE!
Melanie G., San Jose, CA 3/6/2013

I have been seeing Bianca for about a year now. I have had brazilian waxes, facial, & massage by her. I was super terrified to try the wax for the first time ever, and she was simply amazing and put me totally at ease! She was quick and had a few tricks up her sleeve to help you feel better. She also had great advice for how to take care of your skin after. The massage was amazing and relaxing, and the facial left me glowing. The scents she uses are so wonderful. Love walking in the boutique and eating some delicious dark chocolates that she always keeps handy right at the entrance. Seeing her happy face make the stress of the daily grind just melt away every time. I wish I could go here on a daily basis :) I have gotten a gift certificate here for my boyfriend for a facial and he absolutely loved his experience. I think the best thing about Bianca and her boutique is the wonderful home feeling you get, and also knowing that you are going to be pampered like a princess. Bianca and her staff have an excellent balance of being amazing at what they do, being personable, and professional at the same time so that you never feel uncomfortable. I honestly cannot recommend this boutique enough!
L H. San Jose, CA 2/26/2013

The best of the best and I would highly recommend to try this place out! I've been going to Bianca for over a year now and I just can't get enough. I've gone for waxes, facials and massages and she never disappoints. She always has a smile on her face and it is very clear that she has a passion for what she does. Even with her busy schedule she tries to accomodate you whenever she can to fit your schedule. Not to mention Farzeena, her assistant, is such a friendly face to have greet you as you walk in, it immediately puts you in a good mood no matter what your day has been like. Probably the friendliest most personable spa I've ever been to and I've been to quite a few. I haven't had a treatment from Jenny, who joined the spa more recently, but I don't doubt she is great too. I've used groupons and gift certificates without a problem here, even buy them for my friends, they make great gifts.

The waxes are as painless as they get and not to mention quick, so you can get in and out of there no problem, even on a lunch break. With facials, Bianca really takes the time to examine your skin and give you the best possible facial for your skin type. And it's great because I don't have to worry about your face looking like a battle zone, all red and irritated, when you're done. I leave with glowing skin everytime and the shoulder massage she works in is a fabulous bonus. Of course that's just a sneak peek at what a full massage is like. No matter what treatment I get, I leave feeling refreshed and with a smile on my face.

As long as I live in this area I won't be going anywhere else.
Jenna T. Mountain View, CA 2/26/2013

Thank goodness for this spa! I have been going to Bianca for years and followed her wherever she works because she knows what she is doing. I have had acne for years and her facials do not make my acne worse, I leave there feeling beautiful and without makeup because she does such a wonderful job!!! I have literally gone there with a mountain and left with a tiny bump because she knows how to handle skin so well!!! I also love her products! I honestly did not think I would transition to the Pevonia products but once I tried the samples she gave me I fell in love and have been using them since she opened the spa! I am so glad she has her own place and would recommend her to anyone who wants a facial or any of the services she offers because she is wonderful at everything she does! I usually get a facial once a month and when she is on vacation I wait because I have had horrible experiences with other people and I know with Bianca I will leave happier, prettier and not scared! GO SEE HER! ITS A MUST!
Dovile T., San Jose, CA 12/25/2012

I've been going to Bianca for many years now, since before she opened Forest Spa Boutique. She is all around great and I highly recommend her! She is always friendly and professional and does great work. She is the best waxer I've ever been to, and I've seen quite a few different people. She is quick, thorough, and great about removing any ingrown hairs if necessary.
Jessie J., San Francisco, CA 12/16/2012

I have been searching high and low for a wonderful new spa that uses products sans parabens and unnatural ingredients. Based on the reviews I decided to try Forest spa boutique out. I'm so glad I did! This place is an absolute jewel in Palo alto. Farzeena, Bianca and Jenny are all such sweethearts and are experts at what they do. Bianca and Jenny really take the time to examine and talk to you about you skin and any concerns. I haven't been a regular spa patron -ever, but I think I will be making this place one of my regularly scheduled to go's for sure!
Angela N., Redwood City, CA 11/19/2012

This is a review for the Brazilian wax the "New girl" Jenny performed. I have been to many spas for Brazilian waxing and Jenny is my new go to girl. She is extremely professional and pays great attention to detail. The wax was PAINLESS and QUICK!. I liked that I left there with no sticky wax residue and had no ingrown hairs in the following weeks.
I'm looking forward to seeing Jenny next week for a facial, brow and lash tint and wax!
Sarah H., Palo Alto, CA 11/9/2012

My new favorite hidden gem.

You know how after some facials you need to bust out your makeup kit to hide all the redness, or tissues to mop off the excessive rejuvenating oils, or, god forbid, cancel that dinner date two days away because a mini volcano is erupting post facial? Not so with Bianca!

Bianca's facials and brow work are fantastic. I've had two facials with her and both times left glowing, no need for any post-facial makeovers, and best of all, no crazy eruptions afterwards. She's very good and experienced at what she does, and listens well to your skin concerns and needs. Bianca does not pressure you to buy the products she uses, so there's no uncomfortable hard-sell post treatment that you normally get at places like La Belle.

I highly recommend Bianca (or maybe I shouldn't...she's getting too popular)!
Patricia K., Palo Alto, CA 10/30/2012

Bianca already has nothing but five star reviews, so I am not sure mine will make a difference, but have to write it anyway!

I have been to Bianca only for waxing services so far. Generally I try to find the cheapest deal around when I go for a wax (any coupon/groupon/cheap deal will do - I am a student on a budget) but after finding Bianca will not go anywhere else. She is extremely good at what she does. Her brazillian is twice as fast as anywhere I have been, less painful, and more thorough (Bianca always makes sure to get all the little stray hairs that I usually find after a wax). She also is able to get in all the "nooks and crannies" without making you get in all kinds of awkward positions, which I appreciate. Just lay on the table and she will do the rest.

So far only been for a wax, but I like Bianca so much I think I will try her other spa services. Massage? Facial? :)
Brianna H., Palo Alto, CA 9/29/2012

I haven't had a facial in probably 10 years and boy was it worth the wait! Bianca was amazing. She examined my skin and came up with a treatment plan. She explained what she was going to do each step of the way and which products she was putting on as she went along. It was total BLISS! My skin felt INCREDIBLE when I left and I will absolutely be going back again soon. Plus both Bianca and her receptionist are delightful. They are welcoming and just the kind of people I want to do business with - HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Catherine H., San Jose, CA 8/22/2012

Bianca just gave me the most amazing facial. She treats the whole upper body, which includdes face, neck, d├ęcolletage, arms, and hands. For each area, she used the best type of product made to treat the specific area. I will definitely return.
Patricia M., Saratoga, CA 7/29/2012

Yes, Bianca is absolutely amazing. My first session with her ever was for a wax, and the fact that she could instantly make me feel comfortable (like as if I'd known her for years!) confirms all the reviews before me. I think I finally found my spa too. :-) Looking forward to trying the massages and body treatments as well. Thanks Bianca!
Cynthia C., Atherton, CA 7/3/2012

Bianca is wonderful! I followed her from her previous two spas and I'm glad that she opened her own place. The spa itself is nice and clean and in a great location. She does an amazing job with my waxing being fast and efficient and providing great results each time. I've tried other esthetician before settling on her and she is clearly the most skilled I've seen.
Camille B., Palo Alto, CA 4/15/2012

Bianca is FABULOUS! She was able to squeeze me in last minute before my trip to Vegas. She is kind, helpful, professional and extremely thorough. Bianca explained each step of the waxing process to me and I felt very comfortable throughout the entire appointment. I have already booked my next waxing appointments with her... this is my new go-to spa!
Tierney F., Palo Alto, CA 3/2012

Just moved from San Diego and was worried about finding an aesthetician as good as my lady there. I found Bianca/Forest Spa on yelp and tried her out. The reviews are true! Bianca is very professional and makes the experience as easy as can be. She is very thorough and cared about stubborn hairs more than I did, using tweezers to make sure I had a clean end result. I will definitely be back.
Katy W., Palo Alto, CA 2/12/2012

I was so happy to find Forest Spa Boutique. Tried several other spa's, was looking for that special touch and couldn't find it. When you are 40+ you don't want to hear your skin looks great and that you look sooo much younger. You want to hear exactly what your skin needs and that is exactly what Bianca does. She is honest, she tells you what she thinks and if you promise you will clean your face every night before you go to bed - which you never did before - she will send you a text message every evening for a week with one line: "clean your face" (that's what happened to a friend :)
You will love Bianca from the moment you step into her boutique. She is sweet and she knows how to make you feel comfortable.
I experienced the waxing and I totally agree with all the other reviews - Bianca is the best, but I specifically go to her for my facials.
After a treatment your skin feels soft, it shines and I can't stop looking in the mirror to see the result.
I also use her Pevonia products and last week she told me Pevonia announced she is in the Pevonia Top 3 Nation Wide in less than a year time !!!
For me Bianca is the number 1 world wide.
Make an appointment, meet her, enjoy the facial and the wonderful massage and I can tell you... you will never go somewhere else again.
Wendy P, San Jose, CA 12/12/2011

Bianca was wonderful! Makes the whole bikini/brazilian wax feel like a piece of cake.
She puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable, and WHAT?!! it didn't hurt. She is skilled and careful. I actually could fall asleep through the process.
Definitely found my spa!
Julianna P, Mountain View, CA 9/14/2011

I have been coming to Bianca since April of this year and she never disappoints. I was having issues with my skin when I first saw her for a lip/brow wax and she gave me great tips on what to try on my skin because what I thought was dry issues actually was that I have sensitive skin.

She is also very careful with those who use any kind of steroid or skin thinning topical creams since they will cause wax to take off multiple layers so be sure to let her know what you use before she gets started it will save your face big time!

She is quick and tries not to wax the skin more than once if she can help it. Her prices are also very reasonable for the quality for wax she uses so if you are in the market for a new spa try this place!
Eva R. Redwood City, CA 8/12/2011

I love this place! It's cute, private, intimate--exactly what I want from a spa. Bianca is incredibly warm and professional. My semi-problematic skin is always calm and glowing after one of her facials. If any of my friends need a facial, I will definitely insist that they come here!
Miya N. Palo Alto, CA 6/29/2011

Bianca makes getting a brazilian not so bad! She has a wonderful calming effect and does a terrific job making your spa experience an enjoyable one...even if you're getting a brazilian! I highly recommend Bianca and will continue to book my appointments with her.
Withney K. Moutain View, CA 6/27/2011

I was forced to go to Yelp to find a local spa when my long-time favorite spa went out of business. This was a blessing. I fell in love with this intimate, classy and comfortable spa hidden in a quaint residential area near downtown Palo Alto.

I mostly come here for brazilian and eye brow waxes. Bianca makes sure you feel comfortable. Ladies, it's as comfortable as hot wax pulling your hair out of your follicles can possibly feel. She provides a high level of service with a lot of attention to detail. No stray hairs are left unnoticed.

Today was my first facial at Forest. It was lovely! I've been to a few high-end spas from New York to Las Vegas and get the same or better service at Forest. You just feel that good!

Highly recommend it!
P K. Morgan Hill, CA 1/19/2011

My husband gave me a gift card for my birthday. For the past year I went to another spa in Palo Alto but lately my treatments were not what they used to be. I was able to make the appointment by email with Bianca for my facial a Brazilian waxing which is really convenient if you're in an open office with engineering guys around you :). She was able to answer and set up the appointment within 25 minutes.

This definitely the most cutest little spa in down Palo Alto! It is very intimate and private. What I absolutely love about this place is that I did not needed to wait for 15 minutes! Her facial room is a bit small but still very soothing and relaxing. Some other spa's have this cloud of lavender when you walk in which gives me an instead head ache. This place had a good scent, not too overwhelming but still very relaxing. What I also appreciated very much is the fact that she has really good chocolate and Pellegrino in her lobby :).

First, I was booked for a Brazilian waxing. I've been getting Brazilian waxes for the past 8 years so I can say I shopped around. Bianca changed my Brazilian waxing experience forever! The way she did it was nearly painless, hygienic super fast and she is indeed very handy with ingrown hairs. She is also very personable which makes getting an uncomfortable Brazilian wax comfortable :). My Brazilian was done within 20 minutes which is actually the fastest one I ever had!

Second, I was booked for a hydrating facial because I thought my skin was dehydrated. It turned out my skin actually really dry which I understand now is different than dehydration. She is truly amazing and has a lot of skin knowledge. She really taught me some new things how I could improve my skin. Everybody loves a good facial massage well this Dutch beauty expert rocks! Not only my face was getting attention but my neck, shoulders, decollété, arms and hands got a fabulous massage as well! OMG that chocolate massage oil she used on my hands and arms was absolutely divine :). When I got home my sweet husband complimented me on my brows. My skin looked amazing!!! She also does facials and waxing for men so I will get my husband in as well.

Another detail that I wanted to share is that she strictly uses organic and paraben free products. The smell of the products was not to intense which I often experienced with other organic products. During the facial she suggested to add a vitamin c vial which was absolutely to die for (it smelled like fresh squeezed oranges) and she gave me the little left over to use at home. I also liked the wax that she used for my Brazilian waxing. I had no skin problems or irritation after.

Definitely the best Brazilian waxing and facial I ever had. This Dutch beauty specialist is a keeper and I will be back for more.

Bianca you were fabulous!! Thanks Nicky.
Nicky D. San Jose, CA11/16/2010

Thank goodness for Bianca! I found her several years ago at another spa in Palo Alto. I didn't like the spot the only thing I went for was to see Bianca. I was very fearful going to a new place to get a Brazilian wax because I was burnt very bad once. I made an appointment with Bianca who was recommended to me by one of the receptionists and I fell in LOVE! I always go to her for my Brazilian waxes and facials... i feel like she is the only one who is aloud to touch my skin!
Shauna V. Sunnyvale, CA 10/17/2010

I purchased the "Pevonia Botancia" Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 for my face at the spa. The sunscreen is wonderful because it protects my skin, counteracts sun damage, and prevents premature aging. I would highly recommend the sunscreen from the spa. Also, I love all the products there as well!
Update 10/19/2011
All I can say is that Bianca is truly the best! I have had a terrible cold for the past week and I visited Bianca for a facial today. I went in there with dehydrated skin, but I left there with glowing skin. Plus, the wax treatment was great as usual. Thanks Bianca!
Update 6/14/2011
How is it possible that I can fall asleep during a waxing treatment?! Bianca, you have out did yourself this time. You are the perfect esthetician. Update 1/26/2011
My good friend Kate recommended Bianca for a wax procedure. I went to her this evening and I found her to be an incredibly sweet, discrete, and professional woman. I have a low tolerance for pain, but Bianca made me feel completely comfortable. She has a small and intimate boutique, which I loved. I do not like going to busy spas where you can hear everything outside of your room. I would highly recommend Bianca. She is truly the best!
Tatiana M., Palo Alto, CA 10/5/2010

I am very picky when it comes to Brazilian waxing, and there are not many places I have found that meet my standards. I found Bianca over 2 years ago and wouldn't even think of going to someone else. She's both professional and personable. I'm not sure how she does it, but my waxes are quick (25 minutes usually) and relatively pain free. She takes the time to make sure everything is done to my liking and does quite an amazing job with ingrown hairs. If you're looking for a great waxing experience, you should look no farther.
Caro B., Mountain View, CA, 9/23/2010

Bianca is fabulous! I found her on Yelp over a year ago. She had amazing reviews, especially for her waxing services. Bianca is an expert and always impresses me with her professionalism. I followed her when she opened her own spa because she is the best! Her prices are reasonable, and she offers monthly specials. The environment is relaxing and I always feel comfortable, even during a Brazilian. I highly recommend Forest Spa Boutique for your spa services!
Jessi G., Sunnyvale, CA, 9/18/2010

I am a first time waxer so very nervous, she was quick and very professional. I am very pleased with the result and will not go to anyone else now. The facial was just amazing, her hands are magic. She clearly enjoys her job and loves to make you feel relaxed and rested. Her spa is calming and her products are beautiful. I think i am now addicted.
Hanna W., San Jose, CA, 7/13/2010

I love everything she does and I wouldn't go anywhere else now!
Bianca is very professional. She also has a lot of knowledge about skin and how to take care of it. It is always a pleasure to go to her - and I know because I drive 30 miles just to get waxed! She is a fantastic waxer who doesn't hurt and with impeccable results. She only uses the best products available on the market. That is true for her facials too. She really wants her clients to feel happy after coming to her place. I can't wish for a better spa. I finally found the "dream spa" after 10 years in the bay area!
Nolwenn C., San Jose, CA, 7/7/2010

Lovely new spa. Bianca is the best waxer in the Bay, I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Kelly M., San Francisco, CA, 6/30/2010