Forest Spa Boutique

Meet the team

  • Bianca de Jong - Owner
  • Senior Skin Care Consultant
  • Senior Esthetician/Massage Therapist

Bianca de Jong is the owner of Forest Spa Boutique in Palo Alto. She is a highly skilled and European trained esthetician that has been in the spa industry since 1995. Bianca immediately received her California license after arriving in the US in 2006. She owned a successful high-end spa boutique in the Netherlands for over 10 years. To keep her knowledge up to date Bianca travels through Europe and the US to bring the newest facial treatments to Forest Spa Boutique. Her esthetic work has been featured in a 2014 issue of Caviar Affair Magazine, an international travel magazine, and on CBS for best places to visit for facials in the South Bay. Not only will she transform your skin, she will coach you in creating a healthier skincare routine. If you prefer completely personalized facial treatments, put yourself in Bianca's hands. Due to high demand Bianca is only accepting new advanced facial therapy clients. All technicians at Forest Spa Boutique undergo a hands-on European training program in Skincare, Massage and Waxing led by Bianca. Bianca is fluent in Dutch and English.

  • Crystal Ko
  • Esthetician/Skincare Consultant

Our esthetician and Makeup Artist Crystal Ko received her cosmetology license in 2017 and is fluent in English and Chinese. During her training as cosmetologist, she realized that her real passion is actually aesthetics. Crystal started her career with Forest Spa Boutique behind our front desk but quickly transferred to esthetics. When Forest Spa Boutique recognizes talent we do not let it go to waste! Crystal received a 6 weeks hands-on European wax training including Brazilian waxing by our owner and we were impressed by how quickly she developed her speed waxing skills. Her cosmetology background and eye for detail make her an amazing true brow artist! Whether your brows are in need of some grooming, tweezing or filling in, put yourself in Crystal's hands. She spends every free available moment reading about skin care ingredients, peels, and nutrition, and implements this knowledge during her facial therapy. In an impressively short amount of time, Crystal developed herself into an all-rounded passionate esthetician. Whether you have dry dehydrated skin, battle with acne or like to fight the signs of aging you are in excellent hands with Crystal.

  • Erica Mateo
  • Esthetician/Skincare Consultant

Erica received her California barber and cosmetology license in 2014 and worked for several years as a cosmetologist. During her time as a cosmetologist she realized she was eager to learn more about skincare which made her decide to broaden her horizon in 2017. After receiving her California state board esthetician license she immediately started her career as an esthetician with Forest Spa Boutique. During her 6 weeks in-house training we spotted her talent, passion for skincare, and fast waxing skills from miles away. Erica’s cosmetology background and eye for detail make her a fantastic brow artist. Eager to learn new techniques and gain skincare knowledge you can find Erica studying about the newest skin care ingredients available. As a full time working mom she understands as no other that simplifying skincare routines saves that extra time you need to do other things. Erica can help you find a skincare routine that will fit your busy Bay Area lifestyle. Whether you like to address your first signs of aging, battle with acne, or like to improve your dehydrated skin you are in excellent hands with Erica. Erica is fluent in Spanish and English.

  • Molly Thomson
  • Esthetician/Skincare Consultant

Molly got introduced to the world of esthetics in New York where she attended a body painting class by Victoria’s Secret Runway body painters. Even though she loves the makeup industry it taught her mostly about herself that skincare was her way to go. As she states: “beautiful and smooth makeup starts with clear skin”. Molly received her California Stateboard Esthetician License in 2018. Eager to learn new European techniques Molly accepted an internship with Forest Spa Boutique that quickly transferred into an esthetic position. Molly also holds a pharmacy technician license which has been very helpful to her with product ingredients knowledge and also has been highly appreciated by our clients. During our in-house training she showed us not to be only an excellent skincare expert but also a fabulous wax specialist that delivers meticulous brow work. She frequently attends product knowledge classes by Skin Inc. Magazine or hands-on seminars given by our skincare distributors. If you are looking for an esthetician who is precise, passionate, and believes in high performance spa treatments you can’t go wrong with Molly.

  • Jennie Abbott
  • Massage Therapist

Jennie grew up in Southern California and worked for many years as a successful massage therapist in the Santa Monica area. Already as a teenager Jennie developed a passion for massage therapy, and often helped friends and family members relax their sore muscles or mind by providing self taught relax therapy. Immediately after finishing her high school Jennie pursued her passion and graduated in 2002 as a California Massage Therapist from the Healing Arts Institute with an advanced education in anatomy and nutrition. Over the years Jennie has gained extensive experience from Traditional Massage Therapy to Sports Therapy, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi and Trigger Point Massage. Through her diverse massage experience and education Jennie designed a unique Stress Relief Therapy program of 90 minutes that contains a blend of Shiatsu combined with Lomi Lomi, and a hint of Traditional Massage Therapy. Whether you’re an athlete and in need of deep body work or simply need to destress the mind you are in talented hands with Jennie.

  • Maria Torres
  • Esthetician/Classic Lash Extension Artist

After multiple years working as a care giver, our esthetician and classic lash extension artist Maria Torres decided she was ready for a career change. She received her California Esthetician License in 2018 with an advanced education in Eyelash Extensions and is fluent in English and Spanish. After completing an internship of 600 hours with Forest Spa Boutique, Maria accepted her position as Esthetician and Eyelash Extension Expert. During her internship we immediately noticed that Maria quickly excelled as a talented esthetician who has an eye for detail. She is a talented waxer that will quickly and thoroughly get any wax job done. Maria frequently attends product knowledge classes given by our skincare suppliers. Whether your skin is aging and is in need of a more clinical approach or suffers from acne and sensitive skin, you will feel like your skin has been sprinkled with magic. After a facial treatment with Maria your skin will look refreshed, calm, and lifted. We are proud ta say Maria is part of our esthetic team of experts.