Forest Spa Boutique

Meet the team

  • Bianca de Jong - Owner
  • Senior Skin Care Consultant
  • Senior Esthetician/Massage Therapist

Bianca de Jong is the owner of Forest Spa Boutique in Palo Alto. She is a highly skilled and European trained esthetician that has been in the spa industry since 1995. Bianca immediately received her California license after arriving in the US in 2006. She owned a successful high-end spa boutique in the Netherlands for over 10 years. To keep her knowledge up to date Bianca travels through Europe and the US to bring the newest facial treatments to Forest Spa Boutique. Her esthetic work has been featured in a 2014 issue of Caviar Affair Magazine, an international travel magazine, and on CBS for best places to visit for facials in the South Bay. Not only will she transform your skin, she will coach you in creating a healthier skincare routine. If you prefer completely personalized facial treatments, put yourself in Bianca's hands. Due to high demand Bianca is only accepting new advanced facial therapy clients. All technicians at Forest Spa Boutique undergo a hands-on European training program in Skincare, Massage and Waxing led by Bianca. Bianca is fluent in Dutch and English.

  • Zahia Short
  • Skincare Consultant/Esthetician
  • Makeup Artist

Zahia Short received her California Stateboard Esthetician License in 2008, and started her esthetic career as an esthetician at the Four Season. During this position Zahia gained extensive experience in relax therapy, chemical peels and enzyme peels. After serving the hotel industry for multiple years she decided to extend her hair removal knowledge and accepted a position at a local wax studio where she gained extensive experience in full body hair removal, brazilian waxing and brow design. Zahia’s meticulous brow work, and speed waxing technique is much appreciated by many of our clients. Eager to learn new European technique’s Zahia accepted her position as an esthetician at Forest Spa Boutique in Spring 2017. Zahia finished our in house European training program in Skincare, European Facial Massage and Waxing quickly. She is fluent in Spanish, French, Wolf (Senegalese), Arabic and English. If your skin requires a customized homecare regime Zahia can help you find a routine that fits your busy lifestyle.

  • Crystal Ko
  • Esthetician/Makeup Artist

Our esthetician and Makeup Artist Crystal Ko received her cosmetology license in 2017 and is fluent in English and Chinese. During her training as cosmetologist, she realized that her real passion is actually aesthetics. Crystal started her career with Forest Spa Boutique behind our front desk but quickly transferred to esthetics. When Forest Spa Boutique recognizes talent we do not let it go to waste! Crystal received a 6 weeks hands-on European wax training including Brazilian waxing by our owner and we were impressed by how quickly she developed her speed waxing skills. Her cosmetology background and eye for detail make her an amazing true brow artist! Whether your brows are in need of some grooming, tweezing or filling in, put yourself in Crystal's hands. She spends every free available moment reading about skin care ingredients, peels, and nutrition, and implements this knowledge during her facial therapy. In an impressively short amount of time, Crystal developed herself into an all-rounded passionate esthetician. Whether you have dry dehydrated skin, battle with acne or like to fight the signs of aging you are in excellent hands with Crystal.

  • Christina Williams
  • Spa Manager
  • Makeup Artist

As our Front Desk Manager, Christina can answer all your questions regarding our private events and other spa services. Before Christina accepted her position as our Front Desk Manager she worked for over a decade as a successful cosmetologist in Southern California. She has extensive experience as a makeup artist and her expertise goes from a glamorous look to an age-appropriate teen makeup. If you are interested in booking a private or corporate spa event with Forest Spa Boutique, Christina can help you organize your party.