Forest Spa Boutique

Welcome to our beautiful spa boutique, which is located in downtown Palo Alto. We are an intimate spa boutique that has skin rejuvenation and relaxation high on our list of services. Our boutique features a full Skinceuticals skincare line, a variety of Coola and Colorscience SPF’s, and a Skinceuticals Skinscope LED that assists in reviewing your visible skin concerns and supports identifying underlying skin damage you might have. Our skincare consultations and facial treatments offer you access to a full Skinceuticals tester table to help you decide with any of your product purchases. If you are looking for spa treatments backed by science and need relaxation, Forest Spa Boutique can provide you with a comfortable and luxurious experience.

About Our Services

We offer an extensive selection of Skinceuticals facials and holistic facials, body facials, hair removal including male and female brazilian waxing, and a variety of massage therapy. All our estheticians hold a California Esthetician License and have followed an in-house training training by our owner Bianca de Jong. For our facial and body hair removal services we work with the gentlest Italian wax depilatory available.

Covid update

The Delta variant has proven highly transmissible, making it easier to spread when people are near each other for more extended periods. Even though our staff is fully vaccinated and wears PPE during your treatment, we like to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus from an unvaccinated person to our team. **For this reason, we have decided only to accept fully vaccinated clients until further notice.** We do this to protect our team and you as a client.

We do ask you to reschedule your appointment if you experience any Covid symptoms. We will always keep up with our extensive sanitation protocols in between clients and deep cleaning at the end of each shift. If you like to read more about our sanitation protocols, please visit our sanitation page on our website.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment you can use our online booking system or you can call/text us at (408) 759-0576.

Spooktacular Spa Specials

Aren’t we all finally finding normalcy back into our lives? We here at Forest Spa Boutique can definitely feel the change and it is all for the good! Vaccinations are approved even for our younger ones. Most of our clients' children are back at “in person class”, Stanford students returned to campus, and above all people seem less stressed about life in general. Time to come out enjoy some of our Spooktacular Spa Specials this month and be ready for Halloween!!

First we like to announce that we’ve added an exciting new brow service to our list of services. Brow lamination molds your brows into your desired shape. It does not curl your brows but rather gives it a more uplifting and thickening effect. You can wear your brows classic and sleek, or go with a more fluffy and casual look. All you need is a brow brush to style them however you like. Brow Lamination hides small gaps and gives the illusion of significant hair growth. It allows you to fill up gaps in your brows simply because we mold brow hairs in the desired direction. Give us a call if you like to know more about this exciting new service! Click her for more information.

October Special Boo-berry Jade Facial

For this month we have combined our popular blueberry enzyme with our brighting, firming and plumping Jade Facial. Pure Jade powder has been a long-time favorite for its anti-aging benefits. An Asian beauty secret that has been used for over hundreds of years. It is renowned for its brightening and lightening benefits to the skin, as well as treating fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Indulge your skin with high performance ingredients such as pure jade powder, wild meadowfoam seeds, Vitamin A derived from the purest carrot oil and moringa oil. $195, 75 min.