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Clinical Menopause Facial 

Using the latest technology in dermabrasion, the Diamond Dermal Peel polishes the skin and removes dead cells from the face and neck area, which are then vacuumed off the skin. The primary difference between the regular microdermabrasion and the newer diamond dermal peel is that the diamond dermal peel removes the skin's top layer without using abrasive crystals. For product penetration, we will combine dermabrasion with Skinceuticals classic glycolic peel and our ultrasonic therapy that uses high-level sound wave technology to penetrate deep below the skin's surface, which stimulates cellular turnover, tightens sagging skin, plumps fine lines, and diminishes puffy eyes. This facial is excellent for most skin types, including the most sensitive or damaged. $285, 75 min.

Gua Sha Holistic Menopause Facial

Gua Sha facial massage drastically improves the microcirculation and the oxygenation of the skin. Our Gua Sha Holistic Menopause Facial is suitable for all skin types. It helps to release tight facial muscles, smooths out wrinkles and fine lines, reduces puffiness, and sculpts the face. Depending on your skin conditon, your treatment will include a chemical or enzyme peel, a deep cleanse, and a specialized eye and neck treatment. Gua Sha massage therapy helps decrease stress, muscular tension headaches, blood pressure, hot flashes, irriatability and fatigue. During your Gua Sha massage your parasympathetic nervous system gets activated which will result in optimal relaxation. $265, 75 min.

How menopause affects your skin

Decreased estrogen levels result in thinner skin, collagen loss, reduced skin elasticity, loss of hyaluronic acid, reduced oil production, adult acne, and decreased cell turnover. Excessive hot flashes can lead to dehydrated skin. Products that help boost the body’s collagen production and hyaluronic acid can improve visible skin. Ascorbic acid will help brighten the skin and protect you from environmental skin damage. It also helps the body maintain collagen, retain moisture, and reduce hyperpigmentation, and thus, a must for every skincare routine.

Menopause stages and how each stage may affect your skin

Perimenopause most commonly starts 8 to 10 years before menopause when your ovaries slowly produce less estrogen. Most women enter this stage in their forties. The drop in estrogen accelerates as you progress through the stages of menopause. Due to decreased estrogen production, your skin will increasingly struggle to retain ceramides. Ceramides are the fatty acids that help keep moisture levels in the skin. Your skin can lose up to 5% of collagen production in each year of perimenopause. Every woman will experience perimenopause differently; some may have no issues at all while other women will struggle with adult acne, dehydration, redness, and more visible discoloration.

Menopause is when you have gone without a menstrual period for twelve consecutive months. By now, your ovaries have stopped producing most of their estrogen. This results in general aging, such as wrinkles and reduction in elasticity. Due to the lack of ceramides, your skin may become dry and itchy. Some women battle with adult acne and unwanted facial hair growth, while other women develop rosacea and redness associated with hot flashes.

Postmenopause is the stage where you haven’t had a period for an entire year and for the rest of your life. Most of your collagen depletion in the skin happens during the first 5 years of this stage and will continue to deplete. During this stage, menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, may get better. However, some women continue to experience menopausal symptoms for a decade or longer. Due to decreased estrogen levels, women in the postmenopausal phase are at increased risk for several health conditions, such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

The three stages of menopause affect your skin and come with various other symptoms. We envy the women who are not bothered by menopause symptoms, but the truth of the matter is that many women are struck. Yes ladies, we listen when you come in for your facial, and please know you are not alone. While menopause not so long ago seemed to be a forbidden subject, luckily, today we are recognizing that menopausal women can struggle and often need help transitioning into this stage. Not everyone might be a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy, but we recommend you talk to your OBYGN and listen to what they can do to help you manage your symptoms.

It is okay if you’re not into Botox or fillers and like to embrace aging gracefully. Please know we are big supporters of pro-aging! Always remember it is not the injectables that give your skin a glow. It is the nutrition you apply onto the surface, what you put inside your body and your lifestyle. We believe every woman can rock her beautiful silver hair and fine laugh lines. There is nothing wrong with being confident. You’ve worked hard; you earned it!