Forest Spa Boutique

Welcome to our beautiful spa boutique, which is located in downtown Palo Alto. We are an intimate spa boutique that has skin rejuvenation and relaxation high on our list of services. Our boutique features a full Skinceuticals skincare line, a variety of Coola and Colorscience SPF’s, and a Skinceuticals Skinscope LED that assists in reviewing your visible skin concerns and supports identifying underlying skin damage you might have. Our skincare consultations and facial treatments offer you access to a full Skinceuticals tester table to help you decide with any of your product purchases. If you are looking for spa treatments backed by science and need relaxation, Forest Spa Boutique can provide you with a comfortable and luxurious experience.

About Our Services

We offer an extensive selection of Skinceuticals facials and holistic facials, body facials, hair removal including male and female brazilian waxing, and a variety of massage therapy. All our estheticians hold a California Esthetician License and have followed an in-house training training by our owner Bianca de Jong. For our facial and body hair removal services we work with the gentlest Italian wax depilatory available.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment you can use our online booking system or you can call/text us at (408) 759-0576.

We are vaccinated!

We are excited to announce that besides Bianca, Maria and Erica now also have been vaccinated. We will continue to follow all Covid protocols, get Covid tested frequently, and wear our PPE at work. If you have any questions regarding our sanitation protocols or PPE, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or check out our sanitation page.

June Facial Special

Resurface, Prevent and Protect your skin with our June special and bring a complimentary full-size Skinceuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen SPF30 home!

Our Diamond Dermal Peel polishes the skin and removes dead cells from the face, which are then vacuumed off the skin. This newer type of dermabrasion prevents crystal inhaling by the client during the service. The crystal-free diamond dermal peel yields better results and has much less recovery time. This treatment revitalizes dull skin, controls acne, refines enlarged pores, diminishes discoloration, and improves the overall health of your skin. $155, 30 minutes. Ultrasonic Treatment upon request (add on $80, will add 30 minutes to your treatment time.)

Click here to book your appointment: June Special Diamond Dermal Peel or June Special Diamond Dermal Peel with Ultrasonic Treatment.

June Massage Special

This month we are combining our popular lymphatic massage with an extensive hand and foot massage. Our lymphatic system is responsible for our immune system and waste removal. When fluids build-up, it will cause tiredness and make us more susceptible to catching the sickness. This massage will clear blockages by massaging the lymph nodes, will free your body from toxins, and create a stronger immune system. Your feet and hands work hard for you all day and endure quite some stress without you realizing it. Your feet and hands benefit just like the rest of your body from a regular rubdown! Our foot and hand massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and above all, refreshes you! Now $215 (normally $240) 90 minutes.

Click here to book your massage special.