Forest Spa Boutique

Brow lamination

No matter how unruly or sassy your brows are, brow lamination is a fantastic solution to bring shape into brows that will last between 4 to 7 weeks, depending on hair growth and the thickness of your brow hair. Brow lamination molds your brows into your desired shape. It does not curl your brows but rather gives it a more uplifting and thickening effect. You can wear your brows classic and sleek, or go with a more fluffy and casual look. All you need is a brow brush to style them however you like. Brow Lamination hides small gaps and gives the illusion of significant hair growth. It allows you to fill up gaps in your brows simply because we mold brow hairs in the desired direction. This service includes just a trim afterward to shape your brows into the desired fullness. $135, 45 min.

Brow lamination with design

Depending on the fullness and outgrowth of your brows, we might advise you to add a design to your brow lamination. Since we are molding your brows gently into your desired shape, we frequently experience that brows require a clean-up and design (tweeze and trim) after your brow lamination. Combining these services in advance is a time and money saver. $155, 60 min.